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Starting a Business is a Pain in my Social Network

Well, I’ve set up this website, managed to get Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest all set up and ready to go, and even managed to get my company email (sales @ set up on my Android phone in Outlook.  Now I just need to get a Youtube channel, which forces you to go through Google who seems to be verklempt today.  So that will have to wait.

Oh, and I also was able to fill out a vendor application for Con of Thrones 2018–a fan conference for Game of Thrones in Dallas, TX May 25-27th, 2018.  I used to contribute to (a fan site) as a poster but now only occasionally provide technical assistance.  I’m still a HUGE fan of the show though and those folks at Watchers are my peeps!  Am working hard on products for the conference and hope to have videos on what I’ve been up to soon.  Now if only Google will get it’s poop in a group, I can get this party started!

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