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I’m going to Con of Thrones May 2018!!!

I am stoked!!! My new business will get launched as a vendor at a Game of Thrones fan conference called Con of Thrones in Dallas, Texas May 25-27, 2018. Since I just started this business and received notice about being accepted as a vendor, I have been furiously producing Game of Thrones themed items. Below are some photos of things that I have been working on. The photo quality is not that great but you’!! get the idea.

Bookmark, from a series based on The Seven

Winterfell Tower and desk organizer, in process of being painted

Base of the Oldtown Lighthouse, initial painting

Oldtown Lighthouse, early stages, clay still wet

Armature for Lighthouse base

Dragon Eggs, initial painting

Beginning of Hall of Faces Tryptych, one face drying and another still in the mold

Dragon Eggs, their beginning as paper mache

I have lots of irons in the fire, some that aren’t GOT related. So never fear if this isnt your cup of tea. You can check back here to catch glimpses of my progress on my prep for the conference and other news of any non-GOT related products.